Palermo, 20-22 June 2024

The 9th Congress of the Italian Association of Women Historians (SIS) will take place between 20 and 22 June 2024 at the University of Palermo. As in previous editions, SIS aims for the Congress to be a venue for discussing the most topical research themes, approaches, and interpretations in women’s and gender history. In this edition particular attention will be given to comparative and interdisciplinary analyses and to extra-national and transnational perspectives over a broad timespan – from ancient to contemporary times.

The Congress aims to assess the state of research on women’s and gender history and, at the same time, to give visibility to emerging research perspectives in the field. SIS invites scholars from Italy and other countries to submit proposals relating to a wide array of historical, geographical, environmental, political, social, and cultural contexts. Proposals that allow for a dialogue with topics at the centre of the current public debate (also in non-European countries) from a historical perspective will be particularly appreciated.

By way of example, possible topics may include the following:

  • gender orientations, non-binary sexualities, reproductive rights
  • families, parenting, kinship
  • demography, life stages, intergenerational relationships
  • climate and environment
  • mobility, migration, citizenship
  • living, communicating, and opposing war
  • formal and informal access to knowledge
  • work and economic agency
  • care and welfare
  • presence, visibility, representation in the public space
  • religious and political beliefs
  • power, authority, leadership models
  • preservation and transmission of historical memory

SIS warmly encourages early-stage scholars to participate. To support scholars from particularly troubled or disadvantaged contexts, SIS will provide a limited number of scholarships. No other expenses will be reimbursed.

Proposals are to be submitted to the Scientific Committee. Preference will be given to proposals organised in panels, as specified below. The panel coordinator may also present a paper in the same or in a different panel. The person acting as discussant may also present a paper in a different panel. In selecting the panels, the scientific committee will pay particular attention to the clarity, internal coherence, and originality of the proposals, favouring those submitted by early-stage researchers and scholars who adopt interdisciplinary, extra-national, and transnational perspectives.

Instructions for the proposal of panels

Each panel will consist of three speakers and one discussant. The coordinator will briefly introduce the panel and may additionally present one of the three papers. An external person must be chosen as discussant. The panel coordinator will be responsible for maintaining contact with the scientific committee of the congress also on behalf of the other panel members. Each panel will last approximately two hours, which will be divided as follows: a 5-minute introduction, three 25-minute papers, and a 35-minute discussion inclusive of the discussant’s remarks (the last 5 minutes should be kept free to allow for the rotation of the
following panel and movement from one panel to the next).

The languages of the congress are, in addition to Italian, English, French and Spanish. Proposals must be submitted using the attached form by no later than 30 September 2023 to

The list of the selected panels will be published on the SIS website and the coordinators will be contacted by the Scientific Committee by 20 October 2024.
For scientific and organisational information, please send an e-mail to

Scientific Committee: Eloisa Betti, Denise Bezzina, Sara Borrillo, Sandra Cavallo, Francesca Cenerini, Isabelle Chabot, Sylvie Duval, Ida Fazio (coordinator), Simona Feci, Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti, Elena Musiani, Raffaella Sarti, Elisabetta Vezzosi.