Virtual Mobility Grants (VM)

Coordinator: Johan Heinsen (Aalborg, Denmark)


We are happy to inform you that the call for Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants for Grant Period 4 is now open.

VM Grants are a COST initiative to enable scientists to foster collaboration in a virtual setting.

What can be funded?

The VM Grants should specifically contribute to reaching the research coordination and capacity building objectives of WORCK ( and respect COST policies with particular attention on inclusiveness and excellence. The activities suggested by applicants may include trainings and tools to improve the quality of virtual and hybrid meetings and events of the WORCK network, measures for the systematic further development of digital tools of data collection, data analysis and virtual collaboration via the WORCK Publication Platform or the preparation of hybrid formats of science communication such as illustrations, videos, podcasts and exhibitions.

Applications should respect the following COST policies:

  • strengthening the excellence through the creation of cross-border networking of researchers;
  • counterbalancing research communities’ unequal access to knowledge, infrastructures, funding and resources;
  • promoting geographical, age and gender balance;
  • enabling Early Career Investigators;
  • promoting activities relevant to multiple working groups;
  • promoting activities reaching the research coordination and capacity building objectives of the COST Action WORCK.

Applicants can apply for a maximum sum of EUR 1 500,00 per grant. The exact amount awarded will be decided by the Action MC or Core Group on proposal of the evaluators and reflects the duration, scope and complexity of the task and activities to be covered via the VM grant.

All initiatives need to be finalized at least fifteen days prior to the end of the Grant Period and the final report needs to be sent before that date (i.e before 15 October).

Who can apply?

In order to apply, the applicant must be a person affiliated to an institution located in a participating COST Full Member/COST Cooperating Member, from a Near Neighbouring Country (NNC), or located in an Approved European RTD Organisation (for an up to date list of countries, see

Application Process

Applicants have to apply for the VM Grant via e-COST (

The application has to include the title, start and end date (both have to be within the Grant Period), the requested budget. The main objective, description of the work carried out by the applicant, plan for participation, expected outcomes and description of the contribution to the Action MoU objectives need to be described in the template provided be COST (, which needs to be filled out and uploaded to your application on e-COST.

What happens after completion of the VM Grant?

After the VM Grant has been completed, the grantee has to report to the Action MC on the work developed, main outcomes and achieved outputs of the Virtual Mobility, and description of the future follow up collaboration. The report needs to be uploaded to e-COST using the following template:

Submission deadline: The deadline for Virtual Mobility Grants carried out in this Grant Period is 1 September 2023. For any questions regarding the Virtual Mobility Grants, please reach out to Johan Heinsen (