A COST Action Participant can be any person being a member, substitute or observer of the Action Management Committee, a member of the Action’s working group(s) or an ad-hoc participant. You may contribute actively to the organisation of WORCK activities by becoming a member of the Management Committee. You may contribute actively to the collaborative work of one or more of the working groups as working group member. Or you may just attend some of the WORCK events as an ad-hoc participant.

Today, about 220 scholars in Europe and are participating in WORCK. Many of them, from MA and PhD level onwards, contribute actively in one of the WORCK Working Groups, attend WORCK Conferences or participate in the WORCK Training Schools, either as trainers or as trainees.

If you would like to receive the WORCK Newsletter and be informed about future calls and events, or if you would like to become an active member of one of the working groups, please fill in this form.