Working Group 4: Intersecting Marginalities

WG Leader: Hanne Østhus (Trondheim, Norway)

WG Co-Leader: Natalia Jarska (Warsaw, Poland), Reka Krizmanics 


The working group “Intersecting Marginalities” focuses on asymmetrical power relations around difference markers such as gender, age, legal status, class, race, religion or sexual orientation.

“Intersecting Marginalities” explores the ways that acts of bigotry and persecution based on these differences interrelate to create a system of asymmetrical dependencies and discriminations. It analyses systemic injustice, social inequalities and coercive mechanisms at work in new ways, with a focus on the interrelations between power structures and individual agency.

WG 4 applies intersectional analysis, until now largely confined to feminist theory and studies of contemporary society, to the history of work. At the same time, it contributes to the full historicisation of intersectionality.

The working group is currently planning two projects with specific outcomes:

  • The WG 4 members Fia Sundevall (MC Member, Sweden), Christine De Matos (nominated as MC Observer, Australia), Julia Heinemann (Austria) and Anders Ahlbäck (Finland and Sweden) are coordinating a special issue on “Gender, War and Coerced Labour” in the journal Labor History. This special issue will engage with labour and war in its many gendered forms, and will note that much of this labour is indeed coerced to various degrees. The time period is broad, and there are no geographical limitations. The issue is planned for publication in 2023.
  • Members of WG 4 have initiated a sub-group on “State Socialism and Coercion”. The group hold a regular reading seminar. If you are interested in participating, please contact: Reka Krizmanics (