WORCK Training Schools

Training School Coordinator: Jakub Štofaník

Contact: teresa.petrik@univie.ac.at

WORCK Training School 1: Rewriting Labour History. Perspectives from the Globe

23-27 May 2022: Warsaw, Poland

Host: Natalia Jarska

The WORCK Training School took place in Warsaw in May 2022 and brought together 25 MA and PhD students from all over Europe. The program included lectures from international scholars, roundtables, and seminars from WG representatives, focusing on on the theoretical and methodological issues as well as on the implementation of digital methods in the research. Most importantly, on Thursday and Friday each student presented a piece of their own research in a panel, discussed it with their peers and received comments and feedback from senior researchers. Moreover, the programme was complemented by a public lecture on “The Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto”, as well a city tour.

You can find the programme for the Training School here: WORCK Training School Programme