Core Group

The Core Group forms the operative team of our network. It consists of four Working Group Leaders, the Science and Communication Officer, the ITC Conference Grant Coordinator, the Short Term Scientific Mission Coordinator, the Training School Coordinator, the Digital Humanities Officer, the Think Tank Coordinator, as well as the Chair and the Vice-Chair of our COST Action.

Action Chair, Juliane Schiel
Action Vice Chair, Johan Heinsen
Science Communication Manager, Anamarija Batista
Grant Holder Manager, Laura Sukarov-Eischer
WG 1 Leader, Claude Chevaleyre
WG 2 Leader, Nico Pizzolato
WG 2 Co-Leader, Amal Shahid
WG 2 Co-Leader, Göran Ryden
WG 3 Leader, Vilhelm Vilhelmsson
WG 3 Co-Leader, Biljana Stojic
WG 3 Co-Leader, Müge Özbek
WG 4 Leader, Hanne Osthus
WG 4 Co-Leader, Natalia Jarska
WG 4 Co-Leader, Réka Krizmanics
Grant Awarding Coordinator, Clara Almagro Vidal
DH Officer, Tim Geelhaar
Think Tank Coordinator, Viola Müller
Training School Coordinator, Jakub Stofanik
Student Assistant, Teresa Petrik