Call for contributions, deadline 15 August 2023

We seek proposals for chapters to be included in the volume “Nested internationalisms. New Perspectives on Labour Activism Across Borders and Boundaries” to be published in the series on Labour in History and Society of Palgrave MacMillan. This book spurs from two conferences, one which took place in Ghent in June 2022 on nested internationalisms, and one which took placed in Rome in October 2022 on ILO and networks of labour. It is edited by Francesca Piana, Donald Weber, and Susan Zimmermann.

The books aims to:

  • advance new, inclusive perspectives on transnational labour activism via moving beyond single-organization studies, including less formalized activist networks and transgressive activisms, expanding the concept of activism and the scope of activities covered, and moving marginalized actors and groups of actors to centre stage;
  • study classic themes of transnational labour activism such as labour rights, occupational diseases, or workplace discrimination together with migration policies, gendered equality, peace movement, and antiracist advocacy, showcasing the entanglement of agendas, and demonstrating how connection, interaction and competition between different movements, networks and organizations impacted the historical development of labour activism;
  • adopt a global geography which not only transcends Eurocentrism but also examines exchanges and connections in local, national, regional, inter-imperial, and postcolonial spaces.

We’d be delighted to receive abstracts of approximately 500 words and a short CV by August 15, 2023We’ll notify you regarding the fit of the proposed chapter for the volume ASAP. In case of acceptance, the draft chapter is due by November 1, 2023 and will go through internal and blind peer-review.

Send submissions to: