We are happy to announce the publication of the special issue “Gender, War and Coerced Labor”, edited by Julia Heinemann, Christine de Matos, Fia Sundevall and Anders Ahlbäck!

While in recent decades there have been growing bodies of literature on gender and war, on war and military labor, and on various forms and degrees of labor coercion, rarely have these areas – gender, coercion and war labor – been analyzed together as intersecting and interdependent themes. The special issue, published in the journal “Labor History”, aims to fill that gap. By emphasizing the role of coercion in war labor, the issue expands the scope of our understanding about labor’s interplay with gendered war-related tasks as carried out in different spheres, ranging from the armed forces and auxiliary services to agricultural and industrial production and civil organizations. Additionally, this integrated approach serves to heighten and sharpen the study of gendered acts, experiences, discourses and processes, while simultaneously reinforcing the position of war labor as a unique form of labor.