On 11 May 2021, Working Group 4 will meet for an online workshop, where we will discuss what it means to do intersectional historical research. We aim to collectively work on how the concept of intersectionality can be utilised in order to analyse the relation and interdependence between exploitation, hierarchies and power relations in labour history. The discussion will be based on two readings: Floya Anthias (2012) suggests a framework focusing on social location and translocation, while Susan Ferguson (2016) aims to integrate intersectionality with the Marxist-Feminist paradigm of Social Reproduction Theory. Together, we will debate how these approaches relate to our own attempt of writing intersectional histories of coercion in labour.


  • Floya Anthias (2012), “Hierarchies of social location, class and intersectionality: Towards a translocational frame”, International Sociology 28(1):121-138.
  • Susan Ferguson (2016), “Intersectionality and Social-Reproduction Feminisms Toward an Integrative Ontology”, Historical Materialism 24(2):38–60

The meeting will take place from 1:30-3:00 (UTC+2(=CEST)). If you want to join, please contact Hanne Østhus (osthushanne@gmail.com) or Teresa Petrik (teresa.petrik@univie.ac.at).