For the second time, the German Labour History Association (GLHA) will confer an award for dissertations of innovative content, methodology or theory in the field of Labour History.
The GLHA is a charitable association dedicated to furthering research, presentation, documentation and educational work regarding the history of work, the workers‘ movement, and social movements. The GLHA addresses historians and all others interested, who are concerned with Labour History – be it at universities, in museums and other memory institutions, in archives, in clubs and associations or in education within and beyond schools.

The GLHA endeavours to pool and unite the various initiatives in the realm of Labour History that currently exist in the German-speaking context. Thereby, regular exchange is to be created beyond the temporal limits of individual funding initiatives. This exchange will in turn enable the interconnection of projects from the different Labour History networks worldwide.

The award is conferred for dissertations of innovative content, methodology or theory in the field of Labour History. There are no limitations with regards to topic, era or region covered in the thesis. All historians who have submitted a dissertation (in German or English) at a German-language institution of higher education, or who have submitted a Ph.D.-thesis in German at a foreign institution of higher education, are eligible to apply. Proposals of candidates from third parties are very welcome. No more than three years may have passed since the defending of the thesis (disputation/viva voce or equivalent exam, deadline 15 July, 2021). The thesis may have already been published already.
Applicants have to submit the manuscript or a published copy of the dissertation, an abstract of the thesis of no more than three pages and a curriculum vitae. The documents are to be submitted in electronic form. If no PDF file is available of a published Ph.D.-thesis, three printed copies are to be submitted.
The deadline for applications is 15 July, 2021.

The award will be conferred during the first conference of the GLHA from 03 to 05 March, 2022 in Hamburg (“Work/Time. Global Perspectives”, The laureates will be invited to hold a talk during the conference, which will subsequently be published by the GLHA.
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