This photo story collection was curated after the devastating earthquake that struck a significant area in Syria and Turkey on February 6, 2023. The project aimed to lend an ear to the narratives of those who survived the earthquake and draw attention to the emerging new precarity in the aftermath of the disaster.

The portraits were captured in June 2023 in Hatay, one of the regions in Turkey most severely affected by the earthquake. Within the framework of the project, local participants shared their personal stories, and two local photographers captured their portraits. It’s crucial to emphasize that this collaborative effort was not meant to cast the local participants as victims. In a world facing deteriorating conditions and escalating human vulnerability amid global crises, the experiences of earthquake survivors highlight a shared crisis. This collaboration with local participants aims to portray the difficulties faced by those affected by the earthquake as well as highlight the broader challenges and precarity of our era.

Project Coordinator: Müge Özbek
Interviewer, Writer: Ahmet Ergenç

Download the booklet as a PDF-File here: In the-Aftermath-of-the-Disaster