In the past few days, thousands and thousands of people in Turkey and Syria have lived through unimaginable pain. We mourn with all colleagues and friends in the areas affected by the earthquakes, and would like to express our condolences to all those who have lost loved ones.

Many people have lost their families and their homes, and are in desperate need of international aid. The WORCK team calls for solidarity with all those affected by this devastating catastrophe.

If you consider donating for disaster relief you can consider donating AHBAP one of the most active voluntary networks active in the earthquake area.  (

You can find their bank information here, or donate directly through their website:


İş Bankası EUR Account
IBAN: TR150006400000210212150277

İş Bankası USD Account
IBAN: TR320006400000210212150262

İş Bankası GBP Account
IBAN: TR370006400000210212260849

İş Bankası AUD Account
IBAN: TR370006400000210212289949

İş Bankası SR Account
IBAN: TR230006400000210212290007

İş Bankası JPY Account
IBAN: TR090006400000210212289968