New website with pedagogical resources for teachers who want to address the global history of slavery and captivity:

This website offers a collection of primary sources in English translation as well as images and selected bibliographies of scholarly work to help those who want to incorporate the history of slavery and captivity into their classes. The scope of the collection is global and covers the 4th through 17th centuries. Each source is accompanied by a brief introduction giving cultural context and historical background, a set of discussion questions, and a short list of thematic keywords to assist comparison across geographical, temporal, and cultural boundaries.

Scholars of slavery or captivity in the medieval period can also contribute a new source to the collection. The ground rules are that all texts must be in English, they must date before 1700, and they must be free of copyright restrictions or used with permission. To share pedagogical ideas, primary sources, or bibliography suggestions, please contact: medieval.slavery.captivity[at]